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Lived in Morgan Hill for 26 yrs, raising three children and working in the electronics field. Have almost 5 grandchildren. Now a "desert rat" living in the Palm Springs area among the palm trees and sun. (5/6/08)


I have 2 daughters 28/25 this year. Grandfather x2 as of 05/08. Oldest is in Charlotte, NC. I served in the U.S. Navy 1971-1997 --Retired Senior Chief.  I now work as a Civilian Instructor for the U.S. Navy. Most spare time is dedicated to the Veterans of Foreign Wars VFW Post 3160. (norfolkvfw3160.org) I am a Past Post All State and All American Commander. My wife is on her third straight year as Ladies Auxiliary President. Vacations are spent on cruise ships.Lessons Learned: (1) Never ride a Jet Ski in a thong speedo :) (2) It's not how old you feel--it's all the flab and wrinkles that count. (3) TBD. (7/11/08)

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Maureen Palmer Mignosa  
Maureen Palmer Current photo

Huntington Beach, CA

After high school, I received my BS degree in nursing from San Jose State. Lynne Ponzini Towle, although a different major, was attending SJS at the same time as myself. Thanks to her, I met my wonderful husband, Bob. She set us up on a blind date and soon after graduation we were married in August of 1973. God has blessed us with four great kids. The oldest, Anita is married and has a communication degree. She is able to work out of her home which is so helpful since she has three daughters busy in various activities. Peter is our mechanical engineer who works for an oil refinery, as well as teaches engineering classes at Cal State Fullerton. He, also, is happily married and has three little ones. Roger, our third child, recently graduated from UCLA's residency program and has just been hired by UCSD as a doctor as well as a faculty member. Aileen is our youngest and also has a communication degree. She is married and loves being a wife and a full time mommy to their beautiful little toddler. During most of my nursing career, I worked in obstetrics on the mother baby unit and in OB Education as a prenatal educator. In later years, I went back to school to become an Early Childhood Educator which was a lot of fun. A hobby Bob and I find really rewarding along with enjoyable is being marathon coaches for Team Challenge which is part of the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation. Our team members raise funds to find a cure for this devastating disease. Our job is to train them to complete a half marathon. Bob is the running coach and I train the walkers. Last year, I was able to retire from the hospital and I'm loving every minute. It's wonderful to be able to spend more time with my family and volunteer in the community. I look forward to meeting up with all of you again at the reunion. (updated by Maureen on 8/3/17) attending the 50th

Jeanne Marie Pauley Dove  
Jeanne Pauley Jeanne Pauley

Deceased (6/18/1950-8/8/2013)

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Greg Pearson  
Greg Pearson Current photo Redding, CA.
Nancy Pearson Shock
Nancy Pearson Current photo

Lodi, CA 50th reunion committee

Since graduating I have come to realize what a great opportunity we had a Lynbrook. Many times I have wished for the same quality education for our children. I graduated from UCR after two years at UoPacific with a double major in PE and English, earned a teaching credential, got married and was fortunate to score a teaching position at Miller Junior High where I had the chance to learn with the best (I'm still in contact with many of those old timers). My husband finally finished school and we moved to Stockton and eventually to Lodi where he opened his practice and I taught at several schools and then opened a children's clothing business and salon. Very fun. We have 3 children from 30 to 39, and four grandchildren. I am shiftlessly retired at this point but looking for something challenging.(updated 8/10/17)

Janice L. Peck Slovak  
Janice Peck Current photo Milpitas, CA.
Ruth Pelly Willingham  
Ruth Pelly Current photo Tucson, AZ.
Carl Penning  
Current photo   Norfolk, VA
David E. Pennington  
Dave Pennington Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Helene Penttinen Kuivameke  
Helene Penttinen Current photo

Exch. Student Finland.

I'm still alive and kicking (got back from Sicily, Palermo a week ago and still alive, just a vacation!). I'm still working for the State Treasury (currently a head of our IT unit but hoping to get a semipension in the near future). The work is almost killing me, why is there so MUCH of it???????????
I won't be sending a photo since the one you have is much better (who is that old hag in the mirror that also gets in my way when I get my picture taken??).
I remember the summer of love '67 and the crazy year '68!!
Love, Helene (5/20/08)

Patty Perry Darcy  
Patty Perry Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Sandra Leigh Peterman Wallgren  
Sandra Peterman Current photo Kuna, ID.
Janet Lynn Peterson  
Jan Peterson Current photo Elk Grove, CA.
Terry C. Peterson  
Tery Peterson Current photo Athol, ID.
Raymond Anthony Pinelli Jr.  
Ray Pinelli

Deceased (8/30/1950-4/23/1968)

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Sharon Pinney Kravitz  
Sharon Pinney Current photo

Currently going as Deni Anderson.

"Am currently living in Bend Oregon. Recently retired after many years as a commercial real estate broker. Just had my first grandchild. Yippee!! It was fun and sorta sad reading thru all the names from high school on the directory." (updated 11/3/13)

Sandy Piper  
Sandy Piper Current photo

As you know, I didnt make it to the earlier reunions: It's a long way from Spain to California! But Id like to try to go for the one coming up next year, and fortunately, I have some good friends who live in West San Jose whom I can stay with.

Ill just tell you what Ive been up to all this time:

After graduating from Lynbrook I went to UCSB, with one year in Madrid, and got a BA in Spanish. I then married the Spanish guy I had met between my junior and senior years in high school (on the exchange program we had), and moved permanently to Spain. The marriage didnt work out (he's bipolar, which made things difficult), but we had two wonderful daughters. The eldest is 39, and is a clinical psychologist, married and with a five-year old son. The youngest is 31, and also studied Psychology, followed by film directing and acting, and is presently trying her luck in Hollywood. Ive worked as an English teacher to adults, a simultaneous translator for focus groups in marketing research, and doing home remodellling (after studying Interior Architecture in my mid-thirties). I also had a restaurant for a few years. Now Im retired and enjoying living in a beach town on the Mediterranean, just south of Barcelona.

I'll be hoping to hear from you soon, and will look forward to seeing you next year! (Sandy Piper, 8/2/17) attending the 50th

Brian T. Pitcher  
Brian Pitcher Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Michael Pleban  
Michael Pleban Current photo Cupertino, CA
Susan E. Pohlman  
Susan Pohlman Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Jeannine Polly Wuschnig  
Jeannine Polly Current photo Lincoln, CA.
Lynne Carol Ponzini Towle  
Lynne Ponzini Current photo San Fancisco, CA.
Michael Poor  
Michael Poor Current photo Littleton, CO
Linda Popovich Roderick  
Linda Popovich Current photo Saratoga, CA.
Dave Potestio  
Dave Potestio Current photo

Berry Creek, CA.

(Married to Debbie Ziton)

Mike Powers  
Mike Powers Current photo Ione, CA
Sharron Lee Purcell Felder  
Sharon Purcell Current photo

San Jose, CA.

I had a wonderful and challenging 25-Year High Tech career working for the same company that was acquired five times (Tymshare, McDonnell Douglas, British Telecom, MCI and lastly MCI WorldCom) which involved travel through-out the world.  The highlite of my career was working for British Telecom (5yrs.) with responsibility for the introduction of Networking Products & Services into Asia Pacific.  After retiring from MCI in 1999, I started a design and construction company and am still working in that arena and going strong.... I am married to a very nice gentleman, Doug Felder, have two grown children (Kirsten and Josh) and two very sweet rambunctious grandchildren Bennett age 3 and Alex age 5.  
I love gardening and reading, hence belonging to two Book Clubs.  In my spare time, depending on the season,  I like to golf and ski.   I love playing with our dog Murphy, a gentle yellow lab.  My taste in music runs the gambit.  Nostalgia keeps bringing me back to the great times and music at the Avalon Ballroom and the Fillmore in the years of 1968 & 69 ...go figure. (7/24/08)