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First Name Last Name status
Linda Kay Gaetke  
Linda Gaetke Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Pam Gaghagen  
Pam Gaghagen Current photo  
Pat Galeb  
Pat Galeb Current photo Campbell, CA.
Aven Gardner Lofquest  
Aven Gardner Current photo Niceville, FL.
Dave Gehrung  
Dave Gehrung Current photo

Deceased (1/1/50 to 6/20/08)

Dave was a great friend and such fun to be around- always laughing and never down. He never said no to those wanting a ride over the hill to the waves of Santa Cruz. His little foreign station wagon was always full of people and surfboards. Fun story... no brakes coming home from Santa Cruz, ended up on the sidewalks of Los Gatos for about a half block when we had to slam on the brakes (that didn't work) for a stopped car . There are many underclassmen 69-70-71 that he was also good friends with. Lance Luck, Class of ' 69. (8/20/08)

Online memorial

Mark Gibbs  
Mark Gibbs Current photo

Kirkland, WA

I became an electrician after high school.  Worked around the Bay Area til '75 & then left.  I've lived in Washington State most of the time since.  Now I've evolved into an electrical inspector working for the City of Seattle.  Been married to Betty (Snyder) for 36 yrs.  2 sons & 6 grandchildren + a surrogate (semi-adopted) son.  I became a Basketball Jones in my early 30's & I've refereed basketball as an avocation since the late 80's.  I still play music, though that has evolved & de-volved & then grown again since H.S.  I enjoy hiking.. been through the PCT & the Oympic Wilderness coast in WA state... & golf (just barely good enough to be addicted).  Other interests include back yard berries and I'm also a sports junkie. (8/9/08)

Greg Gibson  
Greg Gibson Current photo

Stockton, CA.

Kenneth R. Gilson  
Ken Gilson Current photo

Gray, GA

(Married to Becky Weimortz)

Kathy Giusso Stone  
Kathy Guisso Current photo

Placerville, CA

(Married to Doug Stone)

Patty J. Glass Powell  
Patty Glass

Deceased (10/22/50 to 5/27/01)

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Scott Glenn  
Scott Glenn

Deceased (8/2/50 to 11/8/14)

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Gerald S. Goldman  
Gerald Goldman Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Kristine Marie Gomez Quinn  
Kristine Gomez Current photo

No further contact, please.

Viola Gomez  
Viola Gomez Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Sonia Gonzales  
Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Douglass Gordon  

Deceased (12/23/49 - 5/27/06)

Online Obituary (SJ Mercury)

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Jeffrey Gossett  
Jeff Gossett Current photo

Salem, OR. (Married to Lisa Cloyd).

Right after graduation I headed east and spent four years at the Naval Academy. Married Lisa (Cloyd) the day after my Annapolis graduation and we started our big adventure together. Ive been working with submarines ever since, first as a Naval Officer, then in industry, and, since 1984, as a Navy civilian. My civilian job a combination of scientist, engineer, explorer, and author has given me the opportunity to make over 20 trips to the Arctic Ocean, manning ice camps and embarked on US and British submarines. (7/26/08)

Geoffrey L. Gould
Geoff Gould
Current photo of Geoff

Can it really be 50 years ago? What a long, strange trip indeed! Along the way, got married to Martha Brown, we had 3 kids, 2 grandkids, and have lived in San Francisco since the early 70's. After spending time in the aerospace industry, I was in the guitar business for about 30 years. I recently retired officially as a high school chemistry/physics teacher, but am still teaching. I've told my students over the years about my high school chem teacher, Mr. Baker, and last year shared my loss when he passed away. I'm also still making electric basses, and trying to figure out how to make it all happen! (6/18/17) (Married to Martha Brown) Confirmed for 50th

Patti L.    
Graboski Fink  
Patti Graboski

Deceased  (9/25/50 to 12/7/02)

Patti was one of my best buds in grade school at Meyerholz Elementary.  She was so cute with that blonde hair and pixie smile.  Brings back so many memories---50 years ago! Elaine (Mazur) Baldwin 8/4/08
Kathryn Graham  
Kathyn Graham Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Mary Ellen Graham Barber  
Mary Graham Current photo

Modesto, CA

Rande L. Gramenz  
Rande Gramenz

Rande and Cheryl

Deceased (9/28/49 to 5/5/21)

"My name is Cheryl Hall. Rande Gramenz was my husband and partner for 40 years. Sadly, Rande passed in his sleep, after an extended battle with several health issues, on May 5, 2021. We had a great life with our children and grandchildren, and enjoyed traveling together. Two weeks before he passed, Rande shared that he had no regrets, and nothing left he felt he needed to do. I hope I am fortunate enough to feel the same when my time comes. Best regards, Cheryl Hall-Gramenz"(2/25/23)

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Bob Gregory  
Bob Gregory Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Ron Gregory  
Ron Gregory Current photo

Reno, NV

(Married to Linda Schweickert)

Andrew Mark Gudas  
Andy Gudas Current photo

Amargosa Valley, NV. Emailed.

College interrupted by wonderful 2- year all expenses paid vacation, courtesy of my Uncle Sam.  Upon return, BSEE and MSEE from SJSU.  15 years as an engineer in Silicon Gulch.  Easing into retirement, or as I call it, "retiring in place" here in the Mojave Desert, just over the border from Death Valley in Nevada, nearest stop light is 55 miles away.  Have a 52 acre rabbit ranch, just started my 5 acre garden, observatory will begin shortly, computers and ham radio equipment occupy the rest.  I can hear cars coming a mile or two down the road.  From the valley you can see the Sierras, 110 miles away, and the darkest skies you are ever likely to see. (6/30/08)

Bobbi Guillot Colorado  
Bobbi Guillot Current photo Austin, TX