--> Class of 68 meeting and Mega update

Class of 68 meeting and Mega update

Date: March 13th 2024

Dear Classmates,

In this email, we want to update you on specific Class of '68 plans, and then how the Mega-Reunion ties into things.

Friday Night 68 Hang August 9

The night before the big Mega-Reunion starts, the Class of '68 plans a simple informal get together. There are places near the Hyatt, where many out-of-towner classmates will be staying where we can meet on Friday night. The main idea is that we have some money left over to buy some pizzas, etc. and without any special reservations or deposits, you can show up. More details such as location, time, etc. to be announced. At that point, we'll ask you to let us know you're coming, so we can buy enough pizza!

News of the Mega Reunion in August 2024

68'ers, the Mega-Reunion organizers are planning a tribute to the first graduating class (that's us!), so they really want us to come! Nancy Pearson Shock thinks it would be a great idea for you to look up an old friend in our Classmates Directory (not affiliated with Classmates business. We don't share our mailing list with them). Many have secure @lhs68.net email forwarders, so you can contact them. Maybe they or their siblings will want to come too!

We will not be sending out lots of emails, but felt an update from the organizers was worthwhile here:

From Lisa Mason (77)

First off… it is important to know: There is a difference between Event Registration on the LHS website and actually making a Ticket Purchase. Thank you so much for already purchasing, if you know of someone who still needs a ticket, you can share my “Promo Code” to get our classmate a discount: Lisa2024

    • Date: August 9-11, 2024
    • Events:
      • August 9: Individual class mini-reunions (to be organized by class)
      • August 10: Saturday Night Event: 
        • Registration at 5pm
        • Doors open at 6pm
        • E-Pay/Cashless Bar
        • Hors D’ Oeuvres: 6-7:30
        • Dinner served: 7-9pm Dinner Menu
        • Music, Dancing, Reconnecting: 8:30-11pm
      • August 11:Family Day Picnic: Saratoga Springs: 10am-3pm 
    • The Reunion Committee is looking for event sponsors: Thank you to those who have already donated! 
  • Link to Sponsorship Form 
    • Items to be sponsored: Bartenders, DJ, Floral/Decorations, Security, Insurance
  • A photographer will be capturing our special weekend. 
    • Memory Book ($20 presale, $25 at the door)
    • Memory CD ($20 at the event)
  • We have LHS merchandise! 

     Thanks so much! Can’t wait to see you at the MegaReunion

Lisa Mason (77)

  • Made Contact
    • Anderson, David
    • Balcom Simoes, Judy
    • Barrett, Dennis
    • Baughn, Clifford
    • Jolitz Walker, Brenda
    • Long, Terry
    • Mooney, Mark
    • Moreno, Yolanda
    • Norman Overmeyer, Nancy
    • Rudnick Boggs, Natalie
    • White, Wayne (Bud)
  • Registered on Site
    • Clemens Holm, Nancy
    • Clowers Weininger, Rose
    • Clute, Ken
    • Ivison, William
    • Lawler Barringer, Sue
    • McFetridge, George
    • Siano, James
  • Purchased Ticket(s)
    • Albrecht Colbeck, Susan
    • Brewer, Marion
    • Brown Gould, Martha
    • Corliss Taylor, Vicki
    • Gould, Geoff
    • Jasper, Wayne
    • McCracken, Kate
    • O’Brien, Jim
    • Pearson Shock, Nancy
    • Peterson, Terry

Geoff Gould, LHS68.net webmaster  geoff.gould@lhs68.net
Wayne Jasper, Facebook Admin waynejasper@lhs68.net
Rob Karr, Finances  rob.karr@lhs68.net
Martha Brown Gould, classmate database martha.brown.gould@lhs68.net
Nancy (Pearson) Shock, Events nancy.pearson@lhs68.net
Steve Ichinaga steve.ichinaga@lhs68.net
Sue (Lawler) Berringer sue.lawler@lhs68.net


If you're still reading, here's a couple of things you should make sure you've done
  • Check out your listing in the LHS 68 Online Classmates Directory 
    • Please send updates and pictures to: geoff.gould@lhs68.net
    • Also, if you have a memory of a departed classmate you'd like to share, send us that too, and we'll add it to their listing.
  • If you'd like a classmate to contact you, you may notice we have listed some email addresses in the form of classmate@lhs68.net This is a forwarder, not an email address you need to add.
    • That way, nobody needs to have your real email address unless you want them to have it.
    • If you want one, send me the address you want it forwarded to.
    • If it ever becomes a problem, just let me know, and I'll disconnect it.
      • we haven't had any problems so far!

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