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Lynbrook Class of 1968 List LHS68 50th Reunion Planning

Date: December 11th 2017

Getting ready for the 50th!
Dear phenomenal classmate,
Almost 10 Years!
Getting Back Together
Classmates are now planning for our 50th reunion, occurring June 23-30, 2018.  A group of our classmates has talked about the reunion and come up with this framework.  Our ideas were too numerous to be just a weekend, so we’ve expanded it and we’re looking for ideas you may have that would interest the class.  Like wine/whiskey tasting, a day for quilting or other crafts.  We think an afternoon/evening in Santa Cruz sounded great, like our 40th.  We think a picnic sounds fun, and a dinner, and a music thing, and a visit to the school. Events can co-exist on the same day to facilitate more personal choices.
All in!
We want as many classmates as possible to attend and are trying to arrange our 50th to facilitate that.  This is your opportunity to say what works for you and if you want, to get involved and lead or assist an event.
The working calendar is on our web page:lhs68.net/2018/
Early Call
Nancy (Pearson) Shock wrote this great little 'get the ball rolling' letter, an appeal for early sponsorship for a more ambitious dinner and maybe catered picnic is here: lhs68.net/2018/seeding.html
Social Media
Our Facebook group has been conversing about the reunion over the past year.  Check it out!:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/lhs1968/
In Conclusion
Right now is the idea phase, which is the time to offer your input.  Join the conversation on Facebook, check out the website (check out the website’s "classmates" page for who’s coming and who’s lost, and people’s updates).  Reply to this email with your suggestions and your updated info and pictures.  We will soon move to making decisions based on what time, interest, and finances allow.
Geoff Gould, LHS68.net webmaster  geoff.gould@lhs68.net
Rob Karr, Finances  rob.karr@lhs68.net
Nancy (Pearson) Shock, Events nancy.pearson@lhs68.net
Steve Ichinaga steve.ichinaga@lhs68.net
Sue (Lawler) Berringer sue.lawler@lhs68.net


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