--> Lynbrook Class of 1968 List First message about 50th Anniversary Reunion

Lynbrook Class of 1968 List First message about 50th Anniversary Reunion

Date: September 2nd 2017

Getting ready for the 50th!
Dear phenomenal classmate,
Next summer we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of our graduation. This is the first time I've sent a newsletter out in almost 5 years. 
To cut to the chase, if you are receiving this email, you're all set. There's nothing you need to do right now, as we're trying to figure out how many of the emails on the list are still valid. If you're interested, I'll post some info below, but much of it will be repeated later. Otherwise, you can stop reading now, if you like!
If you want to change your email address, or if you know of a classmate who you feel is not getting this, subscribe/unsubscribe instructions are at the bottom of this email.
Many of you may have already received an email from Debbie Morris Evangel, or read about the reunion on our facebook group. We don't want to overload you. I promised not to spam you a decade ago, and obviously, have not sent any mailings out since the last reunion. As we approach the 50th, this will be where you will read "official" announcements. We will do our best to replicate announcements on facebook, but as you may know, facebook can be a very chaotic collection of information. We will start posting official information on our class website soon.
Stay tuned, we are all looking forward to getting together next summer.
Geoff Gould
LHS68.net webmaster
Earlybird info:
If you're still reading, here's a couple of things you can get a head start on doing:
  • Check out your listing in the LHS 68 Online Classmates Directory We are currently in the process of updating much info Debbie has gathered, and many are sending in updates and current pictures.
    • Please send updates and pictures to: geoff.gould@lhs68.net
    • Also, if you have a memory of a departed classmate you'd like to share, send us that too, and we'll add it to their listing.
  • If you'd like a classmate to contact you, you may notice we have listed some email addresses in the form of classmate@lhs68.net This is a forwarder, not an email address you need to add.
    • That way, nobody needs to have your real email address unless you want them to have it.
    • If you want one, send me the address you want it forwarded to.
    • If it ever becomes a problem, just let me know, and I'll disconnect it.
That's enough for now. We'll be sending out more info as soon as it becomes more solidified.



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